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September 15, 2022

We started off this month with a visit from Venture Kids summer scheme. There were 15 children and 4 leaders who came and spent the morning with our residents. The children had brought questionnaires with them that they wanted to ask our residents. They also drew portraits of them which caused a lot of laughter and giggles. They stopped for juice, fruit and tray bakes and then everyone looked through the childhood days reminiscence box. Before it ended we had a singsong. Our residents really enjoyed the morning and loved having the company of the children.

As we have had some lovely sunny days this month we have been able to get out in the garden for walks a lot. Our residents have been making good use of the gardens and it is lovely to see them outside enjoying the sun shine.

We had our usual activities this month of musical bingo, skittle and hoops, Armchair Yoga and Active communities who continue to visit on a Thursday morning. Active Communities is well attended by our residents and they thoroughly enjoyed it.

Our outing to the Museum of Orange Heritage was immensely enjoyed by our residents who went. They were completely engaged at the museum and very interested in learning about Orange Heritage.

We had a number of entertainers in this month. A big favourite at the moment is the Alistair Scott Ceilidh Band, the main lounge is packed when they are here and the residents continuously ask for them on a daily basis.  We also had old time favourites, Bertie and his friends, Trevor Dixon and Deborah ‘songbird’. All our entertainers are different and there is something for everyone.

Our residents are continuing to enjoy watching the Netflix series of ‘The Crown’. They sit together every Friday afternoon to watch the next episode. Everyone who attends is hooked on it.

Residents watched two documentaries this month Elvis Presley – Rebirth and Madness of Prince Charles. The residents who attended these said they enjoyed them. We have a select few residents who enjoy watching a documentary in the evenings.

Rhythm and Movement was here again this month with her all singing and dancing music workshop. Residents take part in a sing a long, musical quiz and some light armchair exercises. Philomena is know well known by the residents and they have a good relationship with her there is always a lot of laughter.

We have had summer mocktails on the patio on a sunny day. Everyone sat in the sunshine with their sun glasses and hats on enjoying a cool glass or two. They also had an afternoon of strawberries and cream on another hot day.

Residents enjoyed a morning of looking at old photos of Belfast, Portrush, old cinemas and dance halls. They all had stories to tell of when they went there as a child or with their children. Their faces lit up when they saw the photos.

At hot topic this month they discussed Westminster’s decision to bring in a bill on same sex marriage. They talked about the 11th and 12th of July celebrations. There wasn’t much debate this month as for once the residents all had the same views and opinions.

Some of our ladies this month spent an afternoon doing some watercolour painting. One of our ladies used to do it when she was at home. It was a very peaceful and relaxing activity. Everyone was engrossed in what they were doing.