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Towell House is a large residential home at the corner of Kings Road and Knock dual carriageway in East Belfast. There are churches, shops and post offices all close by.

While the original building dates back over 60 years, a more modern extension was built 20 years ago adding accommodation for an additional 28 residents. Altogether the home caters for 90 residents.

The home is owned and managed by the Towell Building Trust, a long established voluntary organization committed to quality residential care of older persons.

In the early 1950s, the late David Towell, a London tailor, who was born in Northern Ireland, gifted a sum of money to establish a Charitable Trust with the purpose of opening a residential home.

Towell House opened its door to its first residents in 1958 and was an immediate success as it was probably the first home of its kind in the East Belfast area. 

Many changes have been evidenced in providing care since its opening in 1958. The decades have brought further advances in health care and the home has successfully kept abreast of all new developments.

It now has a strong history of providing links to the local community by organising events and activities which involve the homes residents and the local community coming together in a meaningful way.

We as an organization strive to promote an ethos of wellness embracing all aspects that able bodied enjoy. Providing an environment which actively challenges our residents to take up activities they perhaps enjoyed in their past or maybe start a new hobby which will assist them to be productive members of our home. This encourages friendships and often a sense of competitiveness which assists with making friendships further aiding settlement within the home. Engaging through activities with the local community and using the spaces we provide help to bring about an improved sense of wellbeing. For this we are to be envied.

We have developed a reputation for providing activities which assist our residents to feel part of the greater community. Welcoming young school children and older students of all denominations into our home and this provides the means to challenge societal attitudes and assist to remove many barriers that inherently exist in our society. There are many positive outcomes for each resident and as an organization; the most notable is the relationships developing between children and our elderly, who effortlessly bridge that age gap and spend time together learning and laughing. Providing the means to facilitate this relationship has become a focus of our life here in Towell House and a feature of how we conduct our business.